The Horrors – EP

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The Horrors

EP - Stolen Transmission Records

It’s that time of year ago. Time to pull out the carving knives and attack that soon-to-be glowing jack-o-latern. Time to face the ghouls and the goblins, the witches and the warlocks,the ghosts and the vampires. Yes, it’s Halloween. And whether you’re stuck handing out candy to snot-nosed kids, going trick-or-treating yourself or just getting completely shit-faced, you need some sort of musical backdrop for the evening. That is where England’s The Horrors come in, with the perfect soundtrack for all-hallows eve.

The Horrors short EP, ironically titled “EP“, is five short, snotty songs of ghoulish delight. The EP kicks off with heavily distorted guitars and a blood curling scream before jumping into Death At The Chapel, and from then on you know exactly what you’re going to get from the album. Heavily, heavily, heavily distorted guitar rock, with synthesizers and snotty, gravely, nasally, accented vocals laced on top and the occasional back-up vocals to push the pop sensibility onto the unsuspecting listener.

The EP is raw and rough. It’s an attack of dark, violent pop-punk, reminiscent of the later 70’s british punk invasion. Crawdaddy Simone sees the band exploding at the end while Jack The Ripper is a ghoulish sing-along anthem re-telling the story of the famed serial killer, and Sheena Is A Parasite just oozes an ironic take on The Ramones.

Clocking in at just under thirteen minutes, The Horror‘s EP is over before you get started, leaving you wondering what the hell just hit you, and wanting to hear more from the snotty UK punk act – and in a way that can be it’s downfall too. While it is just a EP, it still seems to short. You get into it and poof, it’s over. You play it again and the same thing happens, and you’re left scratching your head and wanting more while not truly understanding the past thirteen minutes either. Still, it’s raw, in your face and layered with enough distorted, eerie vocals being spat at you at top speed to make a perfect album for the halloween season, but it’s lacking serious re-playability to last any other season.