The Jacklights – Drift EP

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The Jacklights

Drift - Red on Red Records

A Trio from Boston, the last time I heard that, it was when The Ducky Boys crossed my path, so now I have two bands of this ilk, The Jacklights have a lot to live up to here then, street punk with melodic undercurrents is what springs to mind when thinking of The Ducky Boys.  So where do we stand with The Jacklights, I’d say the opposite, melodic punk with street undercurrents, which is a huge plus point that bodes well.

This is the bands second release, the first being the self titled EP back in 2020 yep I did say 2020, a band formed in lockdown we could say, with a collection of earthy punk songs that brought us a taster of what they are capable of, the latest EP however has seen the band settle for a slightly more melodic sound, a kind of early Go Go’s meets Tsunami Bomb with just a hint of Descendents going on too, this is a good thing, as fans of all these bands should be happy to embrace this sound. 

A grungy knarly rhythmic guitar sound is still the backbone of the songs and long may this continue, its a sound that marks the bands territory in the world of punk rock n roll.

‘Beach’ sets us off on an upward trajectory immediately, a definite 90’s vibe going on here. ‘Cold Feet’ carries on the upbeat sound, in fact the whole EP was listened to by myself in the car with the sound turned up as far as I dare without blowing up the speakers, that chugging rhythm guitar just adding so much more head banging to my already animated driving.

Next in line were ‘Eat The Young’ and ‘Monster Love’ this led to a big dilemma for myself, which was the best track on the EP? So it was settled that actually there was no way this could be arrived at, ‘Cheap Date’ just adding to the battle in my head.  

This EP would be a 5 star in normal circumstances, but being that it is this good and yet only their second offering, leaving room for improvement is simply a given with this band, selfishness rules here, I want more, Roll on the Full Length!

Huge tunes, played with a Punk Rock n Roll vibe that simply urge you to dance around like a loon!

To get your hands on, download or stream of this frankly must have EP get over to…

Out via Red on Red Records on July 27th

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