The Old Wives – Backed In A Corner

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The Old Wives

Backed In A Corner - When's Lunch Records

Edmonton, Alberta’s pop-punk quartet Old Wives openly admit that they’re stuck in the 90’s.  Had they been around fifteen years back they would have been a shoe-in to land on the iconic Lookout Records.  But alas it’s 2012 and most outside of the punk community have given up and moved on.  That’s where labels like the dedicated When’s Lunch Records come into play – ensuring that no one forgets the aging fan base like myself that continues to eat up solid reminders like Backed In A Corner.

The seven-song EP clocks in at just less than thirty minutes, making time for most songs to dig in their hooks and present their case.  Audibly smooth but with a playful pitchy grain, the vocal lead’s nasally vocals fall somewhere between Green Day and The Queers.  Opener “Backed In A Corner” evidences that there’s a lot going on with every band member, from backing calls to spontaneous guitar closers, everyone pulls their weight while feeling completely committed.  Buying into the long running tradition of trading on and off vocals, “Heroes” features a section of tone changes not unlike that of Junior Battles.  The snotty pop-punk attitude continues with “Bored Dumb,” an attitude filled number that should resonate with fans of The Challenged.  And in terms of sing along choruses, the juvenile little number “High School Nightmare” has you covered.

Backed In A Corner is filled with good old harmless pop-punk fun.  Old Wives has been kicking around for a few years now and hasn’t exactly garnered a ton of attention – but based on this solid offering, that’s likely more due to their Canadian affiliation than a lack of ability (unless you’re name is Junior Battles, it’s tough to get noticed North of the 49th).  So check them out – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.