The Overbites – Time To Go EP

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The Overbites

The Overbites

Time To Go - Make That A Take Records

The Overbites are as of this release, a three piece punk band from Scotland, this is their first outing in the world of physical recording for four years, and boy do they sound like they have pent it all up for so long.  This ‘Time To Go’ EP is seven tracks long and is over before I even had time to write the first paragraph (well I’m a slow typist), its a package of around 15 mins that feels like a ticking time bomb, it just wants to get out there and be played live, it has all the energy that should 100% be a live experience.

What strikes you from the off, is an accent in the vocal that gives away this bands origin, yet it still has an overall sound that strikes of American punk with a hint of old school 70’s British punk, a great combination that works pretty damn great from my ears on brain point of view, it has all the melodic traits that come from over the pond, a slightly less political but never the less relevant Anti Flag feel , but combine this with a first album Clash energy, and you have something that very unique actually.

We launch headlong into ‘No-Thority’ first, its a perfect launch pad for this EP, its got everything in there that make The Overbites a stand out band, its the most political of the tracks in here, its has a self defined sound that blends all we spoke about earlier and it just fucking rocks like hell.

Having hit the start button on track one, your now on a runaway train of an EP, it drags you along, at break neck speed, before you know it you’ve been hit by ‘Rotten’ a song that speaks of feeling older and wrecked on bad everything, then ‘Oh No’ is a machine gun musically, and does it speak of ADHD? Maybe.  So its not long before your on track 4 and over halfway through, but well worth the getting there, stand out ‘Logic/Toxic’ is an anthem of the true punk ethos, music and the fight to be heard are beyond important and fuck the punk police!, who gives two fucks what you dress like or even listen to, its your choice not theirs, this is all wrapped up in a NOFX style overcoat of music, they even get a mention.

I you have an ear for NOFX, Anti-Flag or The Clash, then you’ll probably love this EP, but if you also like to hear something that’s of itself like myself, then you’ll like it even more.  Power Punk that’s electrified with energy.

FACEBOOK is as good place as any too connect with the band, but if you want actual music then BANDCAMP is a better place