The Photo Atlas – No, Not Me, Never

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The Photo Atlas

No, Not Me, Never - Stolen Transmission Records

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Stolen Transmission seems to have come out of nowhere. In the past couple months, almost every release has has the lightbolt-esque logo plastered on the back; and really, if they keep putting out CDs like The Photo Atlas‘s No, Not Me, Never then I’ll certainly be glad to see that logo on the back of any future release.

While I wouldn’t normally be pulled towards a record like this, No, Not Me, Never is so instantly catchy and danceable that there’s no way you couldn’t be pulled towards it. The Photo Atlas is a spastic outburst of musical samplings that are fast, upbeat and, as I said before, danceable. The songs are intense and energetic, sporadic and random, but all so neatly compiled together. It’s artsy like The Fall Of Troyand choppy like At The Drive-In, but with better vocals than both of those outfits.

The biggest highlight of the album though is the pure cohesiveness of it all, and how incredibly well Andrew Vastola mixed the record. Every little sound is perfectly audible and crisp, it’s all layered perfectly with each instrument taking up the right pitch and pulling your attention in different ways helping to add to the sporadic and fun nature of the album. Everything is crisp, particularly the twang of the cymbals which take the lead in songs like Light & Noise and the chug of the guitar which, inevitably, leads every song into the limelight. The samples and little distortion effects help build suspense in tracks like Red Orange Yellowbefore exploding in a blast of energy. And the whole staccato energy of the album is unbeatable.

The Photo Atlas‘ No, Not Me, Never may not make huge splashes, but it is still a decidedly strong debut – and an album that will surely help build their fan base and create a structure for them to build on in the future. It’s a danceable, indie, brit-rock album that will be talked about for a while. Sporadic and energetic but all nicely packaged into one ball of energy where everything fits It’s fun, impressive and showed thatStolen Transmission may be a label to be reckoned with.