The Slackers – Peculiar

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The Slackers

Peculiar - Epitaph Records

The Slackers were never huge. They never broke it big onto the mainstream, even with the rise of ska and reggae. But still, everyone always seems to know who The Slackers are, and it makes sense too – after all, the band has been a steady force to be reckoned with since the early ’90s. And they really show no sign of slowing down, even though ska and reggae have slowly fallen out of the limelight; and thus, we find ourselves presented with Peculiar.

Peculiar is successfully able to push forward The Slackers‘ name in the underground. Thirteen tracks of laid back reggae flows through the speakers, forcing you to unwilling tap your foot and move with the music, all topped off with soulful, melancholic vocals courtesy of Vic Ruggiero. You know you’re in for a danceable treat the instance 86 The Mayo kicks off, and it rarely stumbles during the rest of the album. Occasionally it does though, more so on the random jam sessions like In Walked Capo or Sauron than anything else – they sound good, but really need the vocal’s touch to push them forward.

Listening to the album, you can tell The Slackers have a wide range of influences, everything from reggae, ska, dub, and even soul. Peculiar is a, forgive the pun, peculiar album, but still very enjoyable. They are able keep you pretty entertained throughout the entire album, only losing your interest in a few select places. They even pull of a great cover of Bob Dylan‘s I Shall Be Released, given it their own spin while still doing justice to the original.

In all honesty, The Slackers are hard to dissect and examine. You have to just take it for what it is and accept it, it’s not made to be analyzed, just enjoyed. And most reggae fans will really enjoy it.