The Strange – The Blue Album

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The Strange

The Blue Album - Tinderbox Music

It’s good when the person promoting an album sounds actually excited to be promoting it – it gives the reviewer something to look forward to. So when Crash Avenue was talking to me about this new album byThe Strange, I was intrigued and threw it in my CD player as fast as I could. And really, I was quite disappointed with what I ended up hearing.

It’s not that The Strange‘s Blue Album is a completely horrible album, it’s just that it fails to really captivate the listener. The three piece band tries to be too ambitious and fails to pass their excitement into the disc. This ambitiousness is amplified even further when you take a look at their bio which says how proud they are to be compared to singers like Robert Plant, Freddy Mercury and John Lennon and how by following their vision “they’d bring about change” in the music industry. It all seems so very arrogant, and when they back it up with such a mediocre album like The Blue Album, you’re just left with a sour taste in your mouth.

Still, you’re probably wondering to yourself how is this album teetering on the edge of mediocrity like I’ve stated before – the simple answer to that is just because the songs are just that: mediocre. The piano driven tracks try to come in par with the likes of Death Cab For Cutie but falls short as the vocals are unable to truly hit any sort of chord with the listener – either negative or positive. They are too boring and too laid back without the emotion backing them that is needed for a slow moving album like this one. There are a few songs, like Kiss Her twice and Shadows which are entertaining and upbeat enough to garner a few extra listens, but they, sadly, fall into the sea of blue after a while as you just skip over the album in it’s entirety.