The Thermals – We Disappear

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We Disappear

The Thermals - We Disappear

Prolific Oregon garage-punk trio The Thermals return with the familiar fuzzed-out crunch of their seventh full length album, We Disappear.  For their latest release, the band harkens back to the hyper-catchy rhythms of earlier albums like fan favourite, Now We Can See.  Maintaining Hutch Harris’ simplistic, expressly enunciated vocals and hazy film of buzzing riffs, The Thermals fall back into old habits much to the delight of longtime fans.  

Within the tried and true formula shine some of the band’s catchiest tracks.  Album highlights “My Heart Went Cold,” “Thinking Of You” and “Hey You” feature all the washed out clanging, banging and rhythmic snagging of an slap on the back.  They’re the type of light-hearted poppers that just make you want to link arms and break out in an unrehearsed frolic with friends.  With the energizing thump of Kath Foster’s big booming bass and some carefully targeted feedback, The Thermals manage a lively scene from their simplistic makeup.

On the other end of the spectrum, We Disappear also holds its share of slow burners, coated in dark, grungy riffs and subject matter.  The first instance emerges in the crawling pace of “The Great Dying,” in which the line “the time before us stretches long, constantly here, constantly gone,” rings with ominous truth as the song works towards the track’s final words (in reference to the album title) amidst a messy, death-conjuring array of feedback.  While fairly unique in tone, other cautiously paced tunes like “In Every Way” employ similarly thick riffs without the pessimistic accompaniment.  Fast or slow, The Thermals ride a crest of catchy choruses sure to entertain.

The Thermals haven’t changed radically over the years, but what they lack in predictability they make up for in ten more tracks of downright catchy garage-punk tunage.  While the quick, poppy tracks certainly stand out as soon to be fan favourites, We Disappear benefits from a diversity of tempos that makes for a well-rounded listen.  Provided the trio keeps up the quality, there’s plenty of mileage left in this tried and true formula.