The Vandals – Live At The House Of Blues (The Show Must Go Off) [DVD]

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The Vandals

Live At The House Of Blues (The Show Must Go Off) [DVD] - Kung Fu Records

Another Vandals release in The Show Must Go Off!! series? I’m sure I’ve seen them in a the series earlier? Yes, you’re right. “Oi To The World Live” was the first DVD in the critically acclaimed series; but that was only a Christmas special. What about the rest of their songs? There’s a lot to be covered! So Kung Fu Records made the smart choice of putting out yet another Vandals DVD, this time it’s “Live At The House Of Blues“.

Being a big Vandals fan, this DVD/CD (or CD/DVD combo depending on which type of packaging you enjoy more) had great appeal to me right off the start. I was a little worried though, when the first thing I see when I click play is a close up of Warren’s groin area covered only by tight, short, blue shorts.. This confused me at the start, but not to worry they soon leave that shot and go the stage and the band starts playing the series theme song, 4320-1. Their 22 song set includes many of their old classics and some of their newer material (and of course, one Christmas song, Oi To The World). Over half their set comes from Internet Dating Super Studs and Hitler Bad, Vandals Good, with only a couple songs from each of their other albums.

Their live presence isn’t amazing, especially Kung Fu Records‘ owner Joe Escalante, who really doesn’t do much other then play his instrument. But as you get further into the video they do pick it up. Warren Fitzgerald has the most energy of them all. Jumping up, and then falling hard to the ground many times. I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but I found it quite humorous seeing Mr. Fitzgerald running around with nothing but a cape and tight, short shorts on singing about finally having a date (I Have A Date). The final burst of energy from the guitarist makes the DVD and, if you were there, the night, unforgettable. Unfortunately, you see him quickly changing backstage and you get a little glimpse of his “dangly wiener”. This does not please me at all, but some ladies out there might enjoy it. DrummerJosh Freese does what he does best and that is smack those drums as hard and fast as he can. He really is an amazing drummer, for all your drummers out there, check out the “Freese Cam” in the special features section for close up of his drummer techniques.

The sound quality is pretty smooth, and they sound basically the same as their recordings, which is great to hear. If you are not interested in watching the DVD, you can just listen to the CD that comes with it. Overall the CD is fun to hear and is a good live album.