The Yalla Yallas – Morning Sun

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The Yalla Yallas

Morning Sun - Self Released

Don’t you just love it when a band/solo artist has the balls to explore new territory? To take things in a completely new direction, to take a risk? Sometimes it works a treat, sometimes it alienates people, but ultimately what it usually shows is a band passionate about what they do, who have 100% conviction in their art and who couldn’t really care less what the masses think. Any band that does this deserves nothing but respect.

I’m happy to report that The Yalla Yallas have not only taken a major shift in direction but their new single, ‘Morning Sun’, is a sublime slice of upbeat, catchy, dancy, experimental, pop rock ‘n roll. A huge shift away from the all out punk rock assault of slashing guitars and furious vocals we’ve grown to love from Rob Galloway and his band. For whatever reasons some songs just have the ability to really stir the emotions. Punk or otherwise everyone will have songs that, for reasons you can’t explain and others won’t understand, causes that tug around your heart, that slight watering of your eyes, that desire to sit in silence while listening, yet at the same are time are uplifting, make you sing your heart out, join hands with those around you and unite as you sway around a room. ‘Morning Sun’ is one of those songs.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Brian Eno, Primal Scream etc ‘Morning Sun’ is underpinned by a bass riff that’s possibly the most infectious you’ll hear for a long time. Introduce ethereal guitars and subtle keys – delicate, light, almost other worldly, and a drum beat that’ll have you dancing long after the last notes have faded away. It’ll take just one listen for you to realise that ‘Morning Sun’ should be massive. All this before we even mention the vocals. Rob Galloway is a poet. A master of putting words together that, on the face of it, seem quite simple but which, in Galloway’s hands, flow together into brilliantly cohesive, thought provoking snippets of life’s ponderings: “Take me to the mountains, take me to the forest. Take me to the cold North Sea then take me to my knowledge”. Rather than sing Galloway almost talks us through his thoughts. Words that match perfectly the music behind them.

Morning Sun’ is released on streaming platforms on Friday May 7th and will also be available to download from The Yalla Yallas website.