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Love No Less Than A Queen - Strap Originals

Trampolene are a three piece from Swansea and first crossed my path back in 2018 when I made a point of catching them play live at the Kendal Calling festival, at that point they had released the album ‘Swansea To Hornsea’ 2017 and if memory serves me correctly they had just released ‘Pick A Pocket Or Two’.  As a live act they were and still are a beauty to behold, a chaotic mess of wonder and even better than that they rock the fuck out of who ever dare go see them, just remember to take a week off work to recover.

Now is the time for them to release the latest in the line of albums, ‘Love No Less Than A Queen’ on 20th August, musical and spoken word wonder awaits all who venture ahead.

If your looking for a benchmark or reference point to set you up on a journey through this artistic piece, then you would be hard pushed to pin anything other than the originality award on these alt-rockers, although from a personal point of view, Lou Reed, Velvet Underground or a very weird Nirvana keep cropping up in the psyche.

Bursting into the speakers ‘Gotta Do More, Gotta Be More’ throws a red herring of sorts into the mix, a bold power riff filled head banger, not a Trampolene sound you might expect, but then that what makes them so special, nothing should ever be expected from this band, now is not the time to turn and run, now is the time to take your preconceptions of what an album should be, throw it to the wolves, and indulge.

‘Oh Lover’ drops the tone a little, which in a good way sets you up for the darkness that is about to descend upon you in the form of ‘The Misadventures Of Lord Billy Bilo’ as you fall deeper into the pit that Is Jack Jones’s disturbing mind, this track shows just how the poet translates the reality of dreams.  But wait: next in comes ‘No Love No Kisses’ a much lighter musical lift, with still a hint of darkness draped in melodic harmonica filled wonderfulness, which in turn leads us straight into ‘Remember’ possibly the most inner looking song of the album, an ode to real friendships and those who help you through the real challenges.  

A theme seems to be building here, an album that either was written during lockdown, or has all the insights of life for those finding challenges or triumphs during this time. ‘Shoot The Lights’ does this in spades, being locked away with someone for so long can be so rewarding but scary at the same time.

With every song on this album, you as the listener are challenged at every corner, if its melodic it might be dark, if its lyrically heavy it might be uplifting, the main thing is, you’re not ever going to be bored.

It just happens that the stand out track for me is a ballad ‘Lighter Than Paper’ is possibly the only standard sounding track of the whole album, a stunning soundtrack covers a story of heartbreak, the feeling of having everything, but missing the only person you can do nothing with and yet still feel fulfilled (a tear welled up), this album does look at life as previous albums do, but this feels a whole new chapter in the book type of album.

A time to reflect and put your time in perspective, ‘Perfect View’ and then the monster that is ‘Come Join Me In Life’ a call to live! With the line that says it all and exactly what Punk meant to me“Come join me in life, where we are all born equal, this is your only chance, there’s no fucking sequel”  

If this review has confused you a little, then its job done!  A confusing album that challenges you to be brave.

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