Union Stockyards – Two Things At Once

Union Stockyards are a melodic hardcore band that are as catchy, fast and hard edged as any other band of this genre I’ve encountered, Hidden Home Records have announced there will be a limited edition cassette re-release of the bands two EPs, Self Titled and Tracks, that were originally released between May 2014 and November 2015. The resemblance on the cover art to the Descendents Two Things At Once is no coincidence, as they are a major influence on Union Stockyards.

Let’s start with the six songs that originally made up 2014’s Tracks EP. From the opening 99 seconds of Garbage Hill you get a feel of what you’re in for, this is loud, fast and gruff melodic hardcore that doesn’t relent until the breakdown at the end of the final track, Mother of Exiles, eases you away from the brutal pounding that the other half dozen tracks deliver. The second half of this album is comprised of the five tracks that comprised their second eponymous EP. If you were expecting the passage of time that occurred between these two EP’s to have maybe mellowed Union Stockyards, then you’ll be sadly disappointed. The self titled second EP is maybe a little more street punk orientated than their debut, but none of the attack has been lost and it’s just as intense and pummelling.

If you’re a fan of hardcore that has a melodic edge to it’s assault, think of this a heavyweight boxing match instead of a bare knuckle brawl, then this is a band you need to acquaint yourself with. Union Stockyards avoid being a one dimensional barrage of noise by incorporating street punk stylings, and the occasional breakdown into mid paced punk ferocity, into their sound. This is an impressive compilation of two EP’s that embody the DIY spirit of the hardcore scene, what more could you possibly want? Apart from maybe a vinyl release instead of a cassette, Two Things At Once will be released on the 30th September on Hidden Home Records.

You can pre-order the limited edition cassette of Two Things At Once here

Both EP’s are available for free download from Union Stockyard‘s bandcamp here