Unwritten Law – Here’s To The Mourning

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Unwritten Law

Here's To The Mourning - Atlantic Records

Unwritten Law have been a well known name around the music industry for the past few years; with releases like ElvaSelf-Titled, and Oz Factor, Unwritten Law had a little something for everybody around. Enough punkish attitude to appeal to the punk crowd, enough pop melodies to appeal to the masses, and enough rock sensibility for the harder fans. Unfortunately, their brand of melodic pop-punk/pop-rock was never enough to keep them up in the big crowds in between album. Now with their new single Save Me (Wake Up Call) tearing up the airwaves and their new album, Here’s To The Mourning, being released today (Feb. 1st), Unwritten Law are once again being talked about.

Here’s To The Mourning once again caters for fans of various genres, making for a very versatile release. Although there are a few hit songs on it immediately, it takes quite a few listens before you start to really enjoy the album. Even when you are enjoying the album, it does, at times, tend to be floating in limbo. There isn’t really a truly standout portion of it, and yet, no real weak spot that breaks down the album either.

One thing’s for sure, Unwritten Law definitely picked the right song for their single as Save Me (Wake Up Call) is definitely the standout track of the album. But that also gives you a pretty clear image for the rest of the album. Very slick, smooth, polished, and catchy with choruses that will get drilled into your head instantly. At times you just need that little more roughness around the sides that is missing from the production while other times the smoothness fits nicely.

Here’s To The Mourning will definitely have people talking about Unwritten Law again for a bit as it does feature a fair selection of catchy songs, is easily accessible, and can be listened to a couple times over. But it is not a record that will be able to successfully stand the test of time, and in a few months you will most likely start to forget about the release and the band until they release a new single and you go diving back into your pile of CDs to pick this out and give it a few more spins.