Useless ID – We Don’t Want The Airwaves EP

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Useless ID

We Don't Want The Airwaves EP - Fat Wreck Chords

Israeli punk band Useless ID are celebrating their 21st birthday this year and they are commemorating their coming of age with new releases, their first in four years. We Don’t Want The Airwaves is the precursor to their new album State Is Burning which is due to drop this summer. The title and cover of this EP is a hefty nod to The Ramones, the sleeve also contains further hints that they are going back to their roots with Bad Religion, Descendants, Hard Skin and Talk Is Poison all referenced on the cover. They appear to be re-establishing their punk credentials but this isn’t really necessary after the last 21 years, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to remind people.

The title track is a superb bouncy pop punk track that bears all the hallmarks of classic Useless ID, this is as good as anything they’ve ever written, and it’ll come as no surprise that this track also references The Ramones. The second song is called Right Wing Killing Spree and is by far the shortest track on the EP, I readied myself for an angry hardcore blast but instead I got a surprisingly catchy acoustic protest song. With the third offering, Tension, we’re back on familiar territory, this is back to the known and is a downbeat punk rock song featuring chugging guitars and many of the traits we have come to expect from Useless ID. State Is Burning closes the EP and is another acoustic number, this one is country tinged but don’t panic, think Steve Earle or Johnny Cash rather than Garth Brooks.

We Don’t Want The Airwaves feels like Useless ID are trying to showcase their varied styles and influences with everything shoehorned into one four track EP. Like many 21 year olds they appear to want everything, and they want it now. This is a welcome return from a much loved band and I’m glad they’re back.