Various Artists – Go Kick Ass!

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Go Kick Ass!

Various Artists

Go Kick Ass! - Cartridge Heart

Toronto’s Cartridge Heart will be releasing the Go Kick Ass! compilation on the 8th September, I know what you’re thinking, yet another label sampler in the vein of the Punk-O-Rama & Fat Music comps, whilst that wouldn’t be bad thing this is not one of those albums. Go Kick Ass! features all new tracks from eleven artists based in and around Toronto, the aim of the album is to try and recreate the experience of receiving of an awesome mix tape / CD from a loved one or close friend. In my experience those were usually hit or miss, maybe that’s just a reflection of my friends, but what this feels like to me is a showcase from Toronto’s alternative scene.

Go Kick Ass!

First up is The Mendozaz who do what it says on the tin with a blast of Motörhead fuelled horror mayhem with Slasher. Like any worthwhile mix tape the album immediately heads off on a different course with the Mip Power Trio who Hit The Road with a catchy as hell track that has the feel of Millie Manders & The Shutup or maybe Even In Blackouts. By Octopi are next up who hit the gas again with a claustrophobic intense blast of Sexy Robot, this is swiftly followed by the poppy punk vibe of Wasting Time’s No Hope In Trope and Sixteen Scandals ragged To The Victor Go The Soils. The half way point gives us The SupervoidsInspector Man, that commences with a “1-2 Fuck You” and brings an old school punk element into the mix(tape).

The Bare Minimum thrash things up as we enter the second half with the furious blast of ADHD which is followed by the uppercut of HystericsAll That She Wants, and yes it is that song by Ace Of Base, although it’s so gloriously altered and twisted and it’s not until the chorus that you realise. Wednesday Bender keep the intensity levels up with I Am A Rifle, a hit of hardcore punk with woahs aplenty, that gives way to the grungey duo of Cold Dead Hands, who deliver Fall, and Keep Smiling by Fire Hydrant. Will you love everything on Go Kick Ass!? Probably not, will you find new bands and songs you love? Definitely.

Go Kick Ass!

Go Kick Ass! was recorded over the course of a single weekend at two studio locations: the Canadian Musicians Cooperative in Barrie and Era Sun Sound in Toronto. This frantic approach to recording has delivered an authentic snapshot of the Toronto underground that makes you wish you could be at the weekender celebrating the release that takes place on the 8th and 9th September at Toronto’s Dock Ellis.