Vendetta Red – Sisters of the Red Death

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Vendetta Red

Sisters of the Red Death - Epic Records

Vendetta Red had nothing to prove but a lot to make up for with Sisters of The Red Death.

After releasing the phenomenal single, Shatterday, upon the world a couple years ago, everyone rushed out to buy Between The Never And The Now, including me. And boy, what a mistake that was. Despite that one song, the rest of the album bombed completely and the band was soon shoved to the back of everyone’s mind. That is, until they resurfaced a little while later with news of a brand new concept album,Sisters of The Red Death – which immediately started to spark some new interesting with the band. And while none of the songs on the album is anywhere near the beauty that is Shatterday, the album as a whole in a million times better than its predecessor.

Sisters Of The Red Death is a spectacular rock concept album as it follows a horribly disturbing tale of rape, abuse and destruction of a little girl’s life. The lyrics are powerful and extremely gruesome – I mean – how often do you see a sticking proclaiming “Parental Advisory Explicit Content: Strong Language, sexual + Violent Content” slapped across a CD? Not often, but Sisters deserves that title. The eerie chant inVendetta Red Cried Rape On Their Date With Destiny sounds like their old single but with much crueler lyrics, “Oh Holy Grace! They made love to your face with a box cutter, now you’ll croon through the cavities girl. The Ropes burn your wrists, tape stinging your lips, you’re crying out when those phantoms they claw at your door” – and that’s only the beginning of the album. Dark Heart Silhouette takes a stab at those who we trust, “He was our teacher. Our Sunday school preacher. And he made her stay after school one day while I waited. And I watched him take her, beat her and rape her and then he said, “If you tell anyone, I’ll have God kill your mommy.” Zach Davidson’s lyrics are blunt and eerie, and actually makes you connect to Gloria – the fictional character of the album.

Musically, they keep you entertained as well. Sure, quite a lot of the songs tend to sound the same and meld into each other. What tends to save the songs are the choruses, which always seems to throw you back into the story at full force and quickly gets you singing alone. Davidson’s vocals are strong and floats nicely on top the smooth rock melodies ala Dredg. The addition of string arragements in certain songs, like Silhouette Serenade really adds an extra level to the already moving sound.

Really, Sisters Of The Red Death is an interesting album. If you were like me and loved Shatterday but hated the rest of Between The Never And The Now, give this a chance – because it won’t disappoint.