We Are The Arsenal – They Worshiped The Trees

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We Are The Arsenal

They Worshiped The Trees - Authentik Artists

If you’ve ever sat down to watch an hour of TV and come away wondering how you spent the last 60 minutes, then you’ll have an idea how I walked away feeling after giving We Are The Arsenal’s latest full length, They Worshipped The Trees a run through.  Like a television show trying to get by on special effects alone, They Worshipped Trees contains little in terms of substance.  Start on any given track and you’ll likely hear something catchy, but stick around any longer and the shock and awe should wear thin moments later.

Built around the nauseating whine of Ryan Terrigno and ccompanying predictable alternative/power-pop backdrop, there’s a good chance you’ve heard most of this in before.  Remember Just Surrender and their breakout album Phoenix?  No? well then there’s a good chance you’ll walk away affording We Are The Arsenal with just as much of your attention – or lack there of.  Every track simply bleeds into the last, lyrics playing out more like stand alone words than connecting into meaningful messages.

The track order could change drastically and I wouldn’t have a clue.  Take the early occurring “Sound The Alarms” and album concluding “If I Did It” and you’ll find little growth or differentiation.  Both draw upon near-identical tempos, the same pitch-perfect vocals, and spineless guitar chords that “Pick Of The Month” bands at Hot Topic have been cashing in on for years – the whole project feels like one big, overproduced write-off.  It’s so slick that it can do little more than just slide by listeners’ ears unnoticed.  Even the promise of big gang vocals (my personal Achilles heel) on “Heroes For Sale” comes up dry, the group’s collective personality drown out by too many days spent tweaking minutia in the producer’s chair.

Ironically, the band finds home with Authentik Artists Inc, a laughable reality considering just how fabricated They Worshipped Trees sounds.  Aside from their potential to lure in first time listeners with the false promise of a few catchy riffs, We Are The Arsenal has nothing substantial to fall back on.  Skip this one and save yourself the forgettable first listen – there’s no reason to come back for more.