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ZAC - Damaged Goods

So Zac have landed! 

The self titled debut album ZAC will be released on Nov 15th 2019

Featuring Lorenzo Moretti the driving force behind Italian rock/punk band Giuda, joining forces with Tiziano Tarli (multi-instrumentalist and music historian) to put together the songs. Pablo (Tiziano’s son) is the powerful drummer and classically trained percussionist, and Sterbus on Bass provides the perfect rhythmic balance for the band. Their quirky pop journey starts here and is well worth hopping on board for. 

Like putting on your favourite 70’s new wave jacket this blend of New Wave/Pop feels so warm and beautiful from the off.  Could you entertain this as Punk, probably not, but it is delivered by a band born from punk standing, so we can forgive them this little indulgence into the realms of New Wave excellence.

Kicking off with the very bouncy almost glam “Count On Me” you’re in for the ride now. You kind of get the feeling that this project (rightly or wrongly) is something that has been bubbling along on the back burner for a while and now is the time to unleash it on the world. Being that Lorenzo has been the main song writer for Giuda its no surprise that this album goes all out melodic on us, his previous song writing has always had the underlying pop sounds going on. 

As you delve deeper into this journey of magical splendour there is definitely no doubt that the band themselves must have poured all of their creative soul into not holding back on the happiness that oozes from song after song, but how do you stop this from becoming awash with too much sugar coated bubblegum pop that the listener has to reach for the nearest sick bag, well that’s the Beauty of this album, it is so very well played and produced and has so many influences neatly woven into every single song, that your always wondering what may be next, R&B, Rock’n’Roll, New Wave to name but a few.  With shades of the Phil Spector wall of sound popping up throughout, “There She Goes Again” being a perfect example of this.

So where does this album stand in todays world then, actually probably not of this world, its a sure bet that its been put together with only one thing in mind, break the rules and if it feels right, do it!   Not Punk but yes Punk in as much as it never worries how it will be taken.

This album will be available in Clear, Yellow and Black Vinyl

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