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Rusty - Scott McCullough

  • Sept. 9, 2016
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Toronto’s famed Bovine Sex Club is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year and all year long they’re doing the Bovine’s 25th Anniversary Series. September 16th will see them host the legendary Rusty as they prepare for a new album this year. Joining them will be An Almighty Trigger Happy, Pink Wine, Blackdog Ballroom and Killer Virgins. Tickets are $15 at the door, 19+ to get in. 

We caught up with guitarist Scott McCullough to see what he remembers most about Canada’s most infamous underground punk venue.

What is your favourite Bovine memory?

Well mine is getting into a fistfight out front last year with guy who’d been trolling a good friend of mine on Facebook ( gal) Ken was banned from the Bovine many years ago for getting into an altercation with Maria Del Mar. So I guess fights are our best memories.

When you first started in 1994 did you ever think you would be playing the Bovine’s 25th anniversary in 2016?


What is your favourite part about playing The Bovine now? Is it the memories, the friends, community?

For me it’s proximity. I live like 5 blocks away so it’s beyond convenient. I don’t want to speak for Ken but I know he likes to go there when he is in town from Sudbury cuz he knows Darryl from the old days and he bumps into people he knows. Ken also went to the Bovine way more than I (Scott) did back in the day so there’s that.

You have been playing one off shows around Ontario for the past few years. Any chance the rest of Canada will see you on tour anytime soon.

Hopefully they will. Maybe, once the new record is done some agents and promoters will work their magic and make it happen. We’re certainly open to offers.

You started off playing in Kensington Market, how has the historical community changed over the years in your opinion?

It’s gentrifying but not completely. There’s still enough of the old school stuff there to make it Toronto’s most unique neighborhood but it’s a delicate balance. On the plus side, it’s not as creepy at night as it once was.

You are demoing new material right now, where are you at in that process?

We’ve demoed ten new songs and we’re just waiting for funding so we can go in the studio and knock it out. Waiting is kind of where we’re at in the process.

Where is the best place in Toronto to get pizza?

There’s a ton of good new pizza joints in T.O. but I’m gonna go old school on this one and say Bitondos, across from the Monarch Tavern just south from College and ? ( Cafe Diplomatico St…I forget what it’s called)