Abertooth Lincoln Reveal ‘Hell House’ Video

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Dayton, Ohio’s Abertooth Lincoln are an aggressive, spacey hardcore progressive punk band who are heavy, weird, complicated and can flip genres within seconds. Abertooth Lincoln have now dropped the offical video for their recently released debut single “Hell House” that is out now via Riot Records. “Hell House” is exactly that, you don’t see what is coming next as the track frantically winds from L7 to Dillinger Escape Plan to an almost Mr Bungle-esque frenzy topped with some B52’s weirdness. 

Hell House” can be streamed and purchased here and the video can be viewed below

This is the story of two naive but rebellious teenagers that magically get transported to a world within a comic book, in which they are subjected to the horrors of an evangelical hell house attraction. To save others from experiencing the same trauma and judgement, the teens take matters into their own hands, waging a bloody battle against the “demons” of Hell House. Hell Houses are a real thing, managed by evangelical churches in every state. They are run by people who get off on judging and condemning their neighbors, and pretending to be actual demons dragging sinners to hell. It’s violent indoctrination and fear tactics used on teens, and we thought it’d be fun if the people that do this sorta thing got sent to hell for a change.