Bad Religion Announce ‘Decades’ Four Part Streaming Series

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Bad Religion are celebrating their fortieth anniversary with “Decades“; a four-episode online streaming event captured live at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, California. The band felt it important to commemorate the conclusion of 2020 as a strange moment in history when they reached that 40-year milestone. The celebratory episodes will include live performance footage, exclusive interviews, and a peek at their rehearsals. Bad Religion will participate in an accompanying live chat during the premiere of each episode, there will also be show specific merchandise available for sale.
You can read more about “Decades” and buy tickets below

I can speak for the whole band when I say that we were so disappointed to not be able to tour this year. It is our fans and all those concerts we play each year that provide the life-force of Bad Religion. Decades allows new fans as well as those who were there at the beginning to get a rich overview of our entire career and witness the changes in songwriting and performance styles at each stage of our evolution. Greg Graffin
The ’80sBad Religion performs songs from “How Could Hell Be Any Worse“, “Suffer” and “No Control“. They discuss what it was like being young punks in a world of Pacman, Reaganomics, and Televangelism. 
The ’90’sBad Religion performs songs from “Against The Grain“, “Generator“, “Recipe For Hate“, “Stranger Than Fiction“, “The Gray Race” and “No Substance“. This decade cemented their position as one of the most influential and prolific bands of our time, but it didn’t come easy or without cost; the band discusses the growing pains and lessons learned. 
The ’00sBad Religion performs songs from “The New America“, “The Process of Belief“, “The Empire Strikes First“, and “New Maps of Hell“. Returning home and charging forward into a new millennium, Bad Religion continued to awe with their prowess, releasing some of their most beloved material to date.
The ’10sBad Religion performs songs from “The Dissent of Man“, “True North” and “Age Of Unreason“. The Covid-19 pandemic cut short their plans to tour in support of “The Age Of Unreason” and are now performing material never seen live before. The band discusses the gratitude they live with every day looking back on 40 years of being Bad Religion and the legacy they are still actively creating. 
No Caps Shows will host “Decades“; a four-episode package will sell for $40, individual episodes may be purchased for $15. Tickets for “Decades” are now on sale, episodes will remain up for sale and viewing through the conclusion of the series and will be available until 12 AM PST on January 5th.  
Decades episodes will premiere at 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.
December 12th:         Bad Religion, the ’80s
December 19th :        Bad Religion, the ’90s
December 26th:         Bad Religion, the ’00s
January 2nd:              Bad Religion, the ’10s 
Tickets can be purchased here