Blacklist Royals Premiere Cover of The Cure

  • Dustin Blumhagen posted
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The Rufus brothers are back with an EP of cover songs. The punk duo have debuted the second track from their three song release, Dead Time Vol. 1: Songs of The Cure. After previously showcasing “Plainsong,” Blacklist Royals return with one of the group’s most beloved tunes, “Pictures of You.” 

All three tracks will be available as a free download soon. In the meantime, you can stream “Pictures of You” here.

Nat Rufus explains that the song choice. 

Pictures of You has always been one of my favorite songs by The Cure, and just seemed like it would be kind of a challenge to cover. Our version of it was a little more laid back than the other two songs we chose, so we thought including it would make for a really well-rounded EP.

Those that missed the first track release can watch the gloriously 80s influenced video below.