Children Collide Release New Album “Time Itself” & “Turrets” Video

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Nine years in the making, Children Collide releases their fourth studio album Time Itself via Spinning Top Records. The album arrives with the propulsive new song Turrets, a track that detonates with raw power, frenetic urgency and conveys the relentless energy from the Australian three-piece. Directed by Lord Fascinator and filmed by Nico White and Dave Meagher, the psychedelic video for Turrets is the final in a trilogy made in the absence of touring.

Turrets was first pulled together in a jam with Heath and Ryan at Pink Floyd’s old studio Brit Row with producer, Youth during our first attempt at our second album ‘Theory of Everything’. Our label and management at the time convinced us to scrap it much to my chagrin. After the jam I sat upstairs and wrote some of my favourite lyrics but I’m not sure I could tell you what the fuck I’m on about as a whole. It’s just 20 mini stream-of-consciousness philosophies like ‘Sailing down the river Nihilism’ and “Turrets” are where it’s at.’ Sometimes the meaning comes later I guess,” (frontman Johnny Mackay).

You can stream and purchase Time Itself here