Demikhov Reveal Caustic New Single “The Leader Is Dead And Everyone Is Grieving”

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Italian noise core merchants Demikhov have made a full throttle comeback with their new single, The Leader Is Dead And Everyone Is Grieving. The track is a massive, caustic, impactful hit that breaks away from the initial noise-rock sounds to embrace markedly post-hardcore dynamics and changes, a perfect synthesis of the band’s new direction. Demikhov have also announced the upcoming release of a new album, The Chemical Bath, the second in their career, and the first with the current lineup.

Right from the title, the track expresses the main components of Demikhov‘s artistic quest, both in terms of the strictly musical and compositional aspect and the concept that underpins the entire creative process: an immersion in the darkest period of early 20th century Soviet history, in which the claims of modern science to preserve life by treating human bodies as mere building material intersect with the political and religious excesses of the new ruling power.