Elway Unveil Cover Art and Tracklisting for “Delusions”

  • Brittany Strummer posted
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Colorado’s Elway, formerly known as 10-4 Eleanor,have released the cover art and tracklisting for their upcoming Red Scare debut, Delusions. The album will be released May 10. Elway have also released 3 songs off of their “Passing Days” single on their facebook page.

Tracklisting and album art can be seen below.

Elway  - Delusions

1. 3/4 Eleanor
2. Passing Days
3. Spent So Long
4. Whispers in a Shot Glass
5. San Mateo
6. Song for Eric Solomon to Sing
7. Kristina’s Last Song
8. The Tired Old Whore’s Bedside Book
9. Aphorisms
10. It’s Alive!
11. Tapout Endorsement: The Musical