Energy Recording New EP

  • Bobby Gorman posted
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EnergyMassachusetts-based Energy started recording a new 3 song EP, titled Walk Into The Fire, on Friday, set to be released this Fall from Bridge Nine Records

Te band recently unveiled a demo of the eponymous first track to great praise on their MySpace page..  Vocalist Jason Tankerley said:

“These songs are a step in a whole new direction, one that Mike and I have been messing around with for quite some time now. He and I have a side project called ‘Children Of The Night’ that has been really creating a pretty unique sound. We started doing that about 6 years ago, before Energy was a band.  Mike recently joined Energy and we’ve been creating a lot of music with the COTN feel to it ever since.”

Energy is self-recording this EP with engineering help from Robert Cheeseman and Greg Thompson (formerly of Debaser) to speed up the process.  Tankerly explained the decision saying:

“We haven’t had much luck working with other people in the past as far as getting the sounds we want on our records, so we decided to do this ourselves. After all, no one knows how Energy needs to sound more than Energy does.”