‘Ever Fallen In Love: The Lost Buzzcocks Tapes’ To Be Released

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When we lost Pete Shelley in 2018, we also lost the chance to hear him tell the stories behind some of the songs we love so well… Or so it seemed. In 2020, recordings surfaced of a series of long, personal and in-depth interviews between Pete and close friend Louie Shelley. The two had spent hours discussing details of Pete’s life, moving song-by-song through Buzzcocks’ output to reveal his memories of the punk explosion and the influences on his songwriting. Now, to be published in print for the first time, and with the blessing of Pete’s estate, these conversations offer us the chance to hear one of the finest songwriters of a generation in his own words at last. The lovingly-produced book will also include photographs and colour plate sections with previously unseen photographs taken by Buzzcocks band members, as well as memorabilia, classic punk fanzines and record covers. With cover artwork created for the book by Malcolm Garrett, designer of Buzzcocks’ iconic record sleeves and posters. “Ever Fallen in Love: The Lost Buzzcocks Tapes” can be pre-ordered here

You can read a quote from the author below

When I interviewed Pete I asked him the questions that all lovers of music would want to know, about how he created these timeless classics – and their fascinating backstories. The tapes took on a special poignance with Pete’s untimely death. I’m delighted now to be able to share them with the wider world. They’re too good to keep to myself. The book cover was designed by Malcolm Garrett. He’s very cleverly made visual references to the two key Buzzcocks songs – Ever Fallen In Love, the favourite of the general public, and What Do I Get, the favourite of the diehard fans, according to a poll by the Pete Shelley Memorial Campaign!