Exclusive: Closet Organ Release Stream Of New Single

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Glasgow’s Closet Organ are preparing to release their double a-side single Smells Like Lynx Africa / Fat & Die: An Autobiography, that will be released on the 29th March via Cow Tongue Taco RecordsCloset Organ are a motley crew of musicians brought together by their shared love of scuzzy alternative rock music. Led by the inimitable vocal stylings of Stephen McLeod Blythe, Closet Organ sound like Mclusky having a fist fight with The Smashing Pumpkins in a universe far, far away. Having lost a close friend a year ago, the single explores themes of mental health issues and the lyrics tackle the difficulties of dealing with our own mental health while attempting to gain approval and validation from our social media interactions. 

You can stream Smells Like Lynx Africa / Fat & Die: An Autobiography below