Gentlemen Rogues Release “Francy” EP

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Austin, TX’s Gentlemen Rogues celebrate aggressive guitar pop, with punk-inflected energy, polished, precise songwriting, with sharp and sleek hooks. This is a four-piece for now people, drawing inspiration from UK legends like The JamXTCThe Smiths and Teenage Fanclub, while steadfastly blasting their own course through an American indie rock canon shaped by SuperdragThe ReplacementsSugar and Superchunk… Manchester by way of the Midwest. Gentlemen Rogues crank out catchy, amplified treble kickers, mixing powder keg intensity, classic melodies, and brash theatrics into a 200-proof distillation of brazen rock ‘n’ roll.

Their brand new single, Francy is now available via Snappy Little Numbers digitally and on tri-color striped 7″ vinyl. Francy is a power-pop, barn burner about an international romantic connection, accompanied by a language barrier, resulting in unrequited lust. This two song single also Includes a reimagined cover of They Might Be GiantsI’ve Got A Match on the b-side and finds the band blending lush, lyrical and instrumental textures to create a sonic cocktail sure to intoxicate discerning ears.

Francy is now available via Snappy Little Numbers & Bandcamp