Gumm Unleash Debut Album “Slogan Machine”

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Hailing from Chattanooga, TN, Gumm traffic in a highly engaging blend of unhinged punk, inventive post-hardcore and full-on hardcore stomp that’s sure to perk the ears of any fan of aggressive music. Gumm‘s dynamic sound is characterized by imaginative riffs, pummeling drums and vocalist Drew Waldon‘s throat-shredding roar, all of which can now be experienced on their debut album, Slogan Machine, that is now available via Convulse Records.

“I feel like there’s a certain lack of self-awareness and empathy overall right now when it comes to people of differing opinions and ideals. The folks being the loudest generally prefer to reach for quick, easy talking points and slogans to bark at one another, rather than do the work to actually affect change.” (Drew Waldon)


Gumm will be touring in support of Slogan Machine, including dates supporting Drain, Drug Church, 7 Seconds and more.