Loose Sutures Reveal New Album “Sado Sex For Dummies”

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Loose Sutures have returned with their third album, Sado Sex for Dummies, via Electric Valley Records. Assembled in 2019 by four roughnecks, Loose Sutures plays classic ’70s riffs with a pinch of modern punk attitude, conjuring a blend of stoner and garage energy and displaying an abundance of evil beats, venomous fuzzes, and raunchy lyrics. Loose Sutures are band that evoke a dark and seductive atmosphere reminiscent of cult exploitation movies.

Sado Sex for Dummies, as the name hints, is a complete handbook to satisfy the needs of the pervs, sadists, and killers out there. An invitation to indulge in fuzz-drenched, punk ’n roll violence, this third record from Loose Sutures has no shortage of lurid stories. While there is a touch of evolution, the album has not strayed too far from the band’s established hard, fast, and crude sound. To add more spice to some songs, the album features a couple of guest musicians, including the legendary Nick Oliveri (Queens Of The Stone Age / Dwarves / Mondo Generator) and Alain Johannes (Queens Of The Stone Age / Them Crooked Vultures / Eleven).