Matt Pond PA – Take Me With You

  • Cole Faulkner posted
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Matt Pond PAMatt Pond PA has premiered a new song from his upcoming full length.  The track is titled “Take Me With You” which is set to appear on The State Of Gold, which will be released June 30, 2015 on the newly relaunched Doghouse Records. Matt Pond comments on the track:

“Last year, I made it from Oakland all the way back to Bearsville, NY. Crossing the country, I watched those shaky vows of feigned love fall down around me like ruins. Once I hit the east coast, the songs started flooding from my mind. There’s nothing like an incontinent mind. It’s strange how much the natural world can bring me back to life. Sometimes I see us all as variations of Frankenstein’s monster, trying to get back into warmth of the world. ‘Take Me With You’ refers to the shared rope I imagine we climb out of our separate darknesses, into the blast of light.”

Listen to the song below.