Mile End Unleash New Single & Video “Bind”

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Originally formed in 2017 amongst high school friends, Canadian hardcore band Mile End have come into their own over the past few years. Signed to New Morality Zine, the band released a four song promo last year and have now shared their new single, Bind. Mile End take influence from from late 90s hardcore like Refused and Snapcase while still drawing in elements of modern hardcore. The resulting track is an all out frenzy, and the accompanying video packs the energy to match it.

“I was about to graduate but had zero life plans outside of this band. I’ve been told by relatives and teachers or anyone of authority that I need to have security in life and shouldn’t pursue music. I said to Davis Maxwell (who recorded the track) how I felt like all I knew was school and I felt like throughout my youth and young adult life that were given a rule book on what to do and no mistake would matter cause I got that rule book to follow and keep me in line and now that books come to an end when I graduate and I got no clue on what’s next. All I do know is I got this band and Im fucking stoked on it so I just gotta put my cards all in.” (vocalist Jake Thompson)

Mile End

Mile End are currently on tour in the US and on July 18th, they’ll play the New Morality Zine Showcase, serving as a pre-show for Chicago’s The Rumble Festival, alongside labelmates Si Dios Quiere, Demo Division, Jinx, and Porcupine.