‘Peter And The Wolves’ Memoir Of Peter Laughner Announced

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Smog Veil Records have announced that they will release Adele Bertei‘s long out of print memoir, “Peter And The Wolves“, a vibrant and brave memoir that recounts Bertei’s friendship and musical collaboration with Peter Laughner, Cleveland’s answer to all things underground and punk in the 1970s. This edition of the memoir features a new foreword, an additional epilogue by original Pere Ubu bassist Tim Wright and recently discovered, never before published photographs. “Peter And The Wolves” describes an intense and vibrant time and place, the people come alive in Bertei’s words, both visually and emotionally, in fact, the book seems to beg someone to film these stories. “Peter And The Wolves” will be available internationally on November 10th with an audio version also in the works. The pair’s musical collaborative work appears in the Peter Laughner five album vinyl box set that is now available via Smog Veil Records here