Raisin Awareness Drop “Living Colour” Video

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UK pop punk band Raisin Awareness have released a brand new video for their latest single, Living Colour, that is out now via Lockjaw Records. The track urges society to break the cycle of miscommunication and self involvement.

“Put simply, Living Colour is about our inability to actively or compassionately listen to one another, particularly when communicating needs and wants in a relationship, because we’re all so desperate to feel heard. This is why the song repeats ‘…heard it all before…’ because sometimes it feels like the same conversation occurs over and over, and that it’s just going around in circles. No solution or agreement is reached. When I refer to “all the shameful things in the world” and imply that we all just walk by ignoring them, it touches on how self involved we can be and if we took a step back to really see the bigger picture, maybe we can all be more kind, compassionate and understanding of one another. As much as I try, I am fully aware of how guilty I am of not compassionately or actively listening, and how self involved I can be sometimes, but the awareness I have of this flaw means I’m at least able to try a little harder. Communication isn’t just about speaking, it’s about listening too. I think we sometimes forget that.”