Riskee And The Ridicule Release New Single ‘Backwords 2’

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Just before the pandemic came down like a hammer Riskee And The Ridicule recorded three brand new songs, they put out the first two last year, starting with the Brexit-baiting ‘Blue Jacket’, followed by their majestic cover of Lana Del Rey’s award-winning 2013 smash-hit, ‘Young & Beautiful’. Now, the third of these three songs is ready to be set free upon the world. Titled ‘Backwords 2’, it links to the song ‘Backwords’ that was featured on their 2017 album “Blame Culture“. A brief scratched-guitar harmonic signals the start of ‘Backwords 2’, before the band pile into the song with passion and conviction and build to the kind of addictive hook-filled melodic chorus the band have become renowned for.

You can view the ‘Backwords 2‘ video & Riskee And The Ridicule‘s tour dates below

Backwords 2 is a song about the influence of the media on the general public, how they can be so easily swayed by spun truths and false wordsThe close-minded approach to the world we live in has to be torn up. It’s less like a sequel to “Backwords” and more like a progression. We’re a different band who have got better at what we do, this felt like a way to showcase that with different dynamics and new wordplay. Right now, it’s a frustrating and limiting time to be in a band: travel restrictions from the mess that is Brexit still loom, too many venues are suffering or closing down, and we miss playing live. ‘Backwords 2’ put those feelings into a direct song.

Riskee And The RidiculeUK Tour Dates 2021

25th Salisbury – The Winchester Gate
26th London – Powerhaus

4th Ipswich – Alt all dayer
26th Bristol – Attitude Festival

30th Ramsgate Music Hall

6th London – Club Kolis
19th Brighton – Patterns
20th Southampton – The Hobbit