Slight Update To The Free Music Blog

  • Ashley N. Milholland posted
  • News

ThePunkSite.comAs you know, a little over a month ago we introduced a new feature to the site: The Free Music Blog.

In the blog, we post about free downloads for you to check out. We’re not talking about a hit single here or there, no, we’re talking about full, free and legal album downloads for you to download and fill up your iPod until your heart’s content. We normally update the blog with one or two free downloads a day; and, of course, send a Tweet out about it to anyone following us on Twitter! Since we’ve now created a decent back catalog of entries for you to browse and download, we have added a new feature to make it easier for you to find exactly what you want. Now you search through the entries by genre, so if you’re looking for a ska band, it’s there at your fingertips. Folk-punk your flavor? Not a problem. Or maybe you just are craving some catchy pop-punk. Well look no further!

To find the genre you want, just point your mouse to the “Free Music” heading in the navigation bar up top and pick the style you want to hear from the drop down menu that follows.