Snakerattlers Cancel Upcoming Tour Dates

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Snakerattlers spent much of 2019 on the road, reaching 100 live shows and making their debut at Rebellion Festival, they also launched their latest album “All Heads Will Roll” via Dirty Water RecordsSnakerattlers have now announced the cancellation of their upcoming live dates, including this weekend’s Pizzafest that is now provisionally rescheduled to take place in June at The Fulford Arms, York.

All Heads Will Roll“can be streamed and purchased via the Dirty Water Records here

You can read a statement from Snakerattlers frontman Dan Gott below

“Due to the fact that I am on immunosuppressive treatment, and in light of England’s current viral situation, we have decided to cancel all upcoming Snakerattlers shows until the end of April. We’re hoping that by that point we’ll have more information about everything to do with Covid-19 and how long it’s going to be a health risk for. We absolutely love performing and going out on the road, but we think that right now there are more important things to think about than rock and roll. It’s not just our health that’s at risk, but also the health of anyone we encourage to come out and see us perform. So we think it’s in everyone’s best interests for us to withdraw from live shows for a little while. Huge apologies to anyone who was wanting to see us over the next month and a bit, but we’re in this band for the long haul, so we think it’s for the best. All being well, our next live show will be our slot at Manchester Punk Festival on the 25th of April. We’ll post updates about this when we get them. For now, look after eachother, stay safe, keep an eye on your loved ones and GO STEADY.”