Stream: Sci-Fi Romance – ‘If I Fell’

  • Steven Farkas posted
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SciFi RomanceLA based alternative folk/punk outfit Sci-Fi Romance have ended their hiatus and are streaming a new track, If I Fell. The song will feature on the band’s upcoming full length, Dust Among The Stars, which will their 3rd LP and is due for release in January 2016. Lead singer-songwriter Vance Kotrla has said this about the track and the new record:

“One of the hardest things to process when I found myself back in a serious relationship was not knowing if I could trust what I was feeling…It was like I didn’t remember what you were supposed to feel and when, and always worrying about what happens if you’re wrong.”

This album was a hard-fought son of a bitch,” says Kotrla, “I’m proud we never gave up on it…After I wrote the songs, our first drummer had a baby, and went on what turned out to be a permanent hiatus,” Kotrla reflects on the process behind the album and the set-backs. “Then my wife and I suddenly found out we had twins on the way. We sat there with a record written and ready to go for over a year, but couldn’t get into the studio. But we added a new drummer, got the songs up on their feet, and never gave up on it.”

Check out the stream of If I Fell here. (via New Noise Mag)