The Punk Site 2021 Top 20: Fightmilk – Contender

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In at number 8 in The Punk Site‘s countdown of our favourite releases from 2021 is Fightmilk’s Contender that was finally released in May via Reckless Yes. While the band planned to take their time crafting their second album ‘Contender‘, they hadn’t factored in a global pandemic and the delays it would cause. Marking a maturing of their sound the record also sees a step-change in their writing and recording, as they welcomed new member Healey (formerly of Wolf Girl) on bass, and took a more collaborative approach.

“The whole album is stuffed with earworms. Part dayglo, part darkness, there’s something in here for everyone and it’s all wrapped up in a charming and innocently knowing way. The guitars chime and chug, there’s light and there’s shade. An early contender, if you will, for this reviewer’s album of the year. Highly, highly recommended.” (Peter Hough, May 2021)

Contender” is now available here