The Snips Detail New Album: Highs of Low

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The Snips

Welland, Ontario’s The Snips have revealed plans to self-release their new album, Highs of Low, on August 24th through their own label, Rival Party Records. The record follows their 2009 EP, Blackouts, and was recorded with Dan Weston (City and Colour, Attack In Black, Living With Lions). Front man Ricky Pridmore talked about self-releasing the album saying: 

“We’re our own band. We do what we want to do. And what we want to do just so happens to be releasing our own record and give the big bitch away!

Guitarist Tone Ventresca also commented:

 “We’ve always been a band that does things in-house and after recording the best record of our career we wanted to take advantage of the freedoms of this ever-changing digital landscape.”

The band will be promoting the album with upcoming Canadian, European and American tours, a plethora of music videos and much more.


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