Tin Horn Prayer and Rob Huddleston Stream New Split

  • Ashley N. Milholland posted
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Tin Horn PrayerTin Horn Prayer and Rob Huddleston are streaming their new split 7″ EP on NineBullets.net. The split 7″ can be ordered digitally and on vinyl via Paper + Plastic Records. The records will ship around August 6, 2012 but digital downloads are included immediately. Tin Horn Prayer, an alumnus of FreeMusicFirst.org, and its six members play a brand of rock and roll that has as much Tom Waits in it as it does today’s gruff-punk.  

The split will contain two songs from each band. For Tin Horn Prayer, the split contains two songs from an upcoming full-length titled Grapple the Rails, which the band recently finished recording.  For Rob Huddleston, the split is one of many smaller releases that will see over three albums of recently recorded material making its way to the public.

Tin Horn Prayer / Rob HuddlestonSplit

“Call A Priest” – Tin Horn Prayer

“All’s Well That Ends” – Tin Horn Prayer

“Angry All the Time” – Rob Huddleston 

“Lucky Ones” – Rob Huddleston