Under The Influence Unleash Venomous ‘Cobra Spit’ Single

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Under The Influence have released their latest single ‘Cobra Spit’ via Riot Records. the track is another ferocious blast of metallic hardcore punk. Have you ever felt someone’s narcissistic venom seep through your skin and into your brain, corrupting your thoughts to the point of nearly sending you insane?  Hopefully not. Well, this is a song about the manipulation of one’s better judgement by the narcissistic input of others around you. Don’t let their venom inside. Be yourself, trust yourself, know your worth. ‘Cobra Spit’ is the follow up to their recent singles ‘Moon Flavoured Magnets‘, ‘Body Parts‘ and the acoustic version of fan favourite ‘Propaganda Leaks‘.

‘Cobra Spit’ can be streamed and purchased here