Universal to cut CDs prices to under $10 in the US

  • Bobby Gorman posted
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Universal MusicBillboard is reporting on a new initiative by Univeral Music Group to cut CD prices across their entire lineup. Starting in the next quarter and for the rest of 2010, the company will test lower CD prices. Single CDs will have the suggested list prices of $10, $9, $8, $7 and $6. The label plans to release deluxe editions at a higher price point. With Universal the largest music company right now, the move is likely to push prices downwards at the other majors as well. 

Some of the active and catalogue bands on the label include AFI, Abandoned Pools, Angels and Airwaves, Be Your Own Pet, Blaqk Audio, Blink 182, Brand New, Forever the Sickest Kids, Kanye West, Karen O and the Kids, Klaxons, Lil Wayne, Lucero, Ludacris, No Doubt, Noisettes, Plus 44, Q-Tip, Rise Against, Sound the Alarm, Straylight Run, TV on the Radio, The King Blues, The Lonely Island, The Pink Spiders and The Starting Line.

Check out the full report here.
(From PunkNews.org)