Walking Bombs Release New Album ‘Tears We Should Have Shed’

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Kingston, NYC’s based avant punk rock outfit Walking Bombs presents their most infectious material to date with the expansive new full-length release, Tears We Should Have Shed. Walking Bombs is the project of one Morgan Y. Evans, along with a wide cast of collaborators, who deliver a musical study in navigating regretful occurrences in humanity. Tears We Should Have Shed is a record steeped in sorrows and triumphs that is delivered through a wide range of varied musical styles.

Recorded throughout 2020, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Sean Paul Pillsworth at Nada Recording Studio in Montgomery, New York, Tears We Should Have Shed sees Evans performing lead vocals as well as acoustic guitar, trombone, bass, guitar and piano contributions across the album. Additionally, the record features contributions from members of Globelamp, Nightmares For A Week, Jerk Magnet, Gridfailure, Time Of Orchids, Divest, Kayo Dot, Taraka, Prince Rama, The Jenifer Shop and Shadow Witch.

“I’ve always enjoyed bands like Orange 9mm, Faith No More, or Swans where even though you knew it was them you might be surprised song to song or album to album by some big stylistic twists and turns.  My own work in bands since 1993 has also reflected that often. This Walking Bombs album explores a lot of punk and hardcore and kind of Type O influences more than some of my other releases with this project that were more grunge or post punk heavy. There’s also a little bit of classic rock influence sprinkled here and there. But it all compliments the general themes of regret for human folly.”

Songs like Brash Bandages and GeneralGrievousAngel deal with self-reflection and sobriety, whereas elsewhere the harsh noise landscape of Focus Shifting The Apocalypse or the pop-punk-meets-Jawbreaker-influenced Time To Go (Fuck Q) examine the frenzied, cult-like impact of disinformation on a gullible society. Other moments include examinations of Red Scare-era and modern sexism, healing, gaslighting, and trauma whilst the goth-toned title track and Bad Religion influenced I Will Miss You look at the highs and lows of the life of an underground lifer musician.

Tears We Should Have Shed is now available via Bandcamp here