Album Review: Amplifier – Trippin’ With Dr. Faustus

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Trippin' With Dr Faustus - Rockosmos

Amplifier have returned with their sixth album, Trippin’ With Dr Faustus, that is due for release via Rockosmos tomorrow, June 30th 2017. Amplifier‘s last release, Dystopia, came out three long years ago, since then the band have spent much of the last three years recording their latest opus in the studio in their native Manchester. What they promise on Trippin’ With Dr. Faustus is an exploration of Faustian coincidences of power, success, fame and money, one that blurs fact with fiction and reality with fantasy, this is not an album that is for the casual listener, it’s an eccentric exploration of a weighty concept.

Rainbow Machine kicks things off in suitably dramatic style for an album that’s exploring such complex subject matter, Trippin’ With Dr. Faustus has something of a prog feel to it, but with a more distorted edge and immediacy, the opening track then appropriately bleeds into the epic Freakzone. Trippin’ With Dr. Faustus is an album that veers between elements of alt rock, psychedelia, prog and rock in a somewhat self indulgent fashion, the years spent making this epic album have not been wasted, but it should be noted that this is not an album that will appeal to those who want an immediate adrenaline hit from their music.

Trippin’ With Dr Faustus is a diverse sonic landscape that reflects how the trends of greed, ego, dominance, fear and seduction have defined society, but apart from the somewhat extravagant premise of the album, and the suggestion of a suspicious hazy pact with the devil, this is an overblown album that is not without it’s charms. The hour long trip with Amplifier and Dr. Faustus is not something that will be for everyone, but for those who like a journey into the dark side of the psyche this is an album that is well worth an hour of your time.

Trippin’ With Dr Faustus will be available from the 30th June 2017 on double clear vinyl album, CD, on mediabook and jewelcase variants, and digital formats via Rockosmos. Trippin’ With Dr Faustus can pre-ordered on all formats via Bandcamp here