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Blacklines To Battlefield

Blacklines To Battlfield - The Militia Group

Acceptance is a quintet out of Seattle, and right here we have their second release, first on The Militia Group. It is 5 track EP full of pop-punk/emotional music. Each song has something special in it with a solid foundation. The opening track is Permanent, it opens with a drum beat and then the guitar and bass joins in, later the vocals. The vocal of Jason Vena are smooth and soft going well with all the music. They remind me of the vocals on Brandston‘s latest CD. The lyrics are catchy especially the chorus, they have a nice little mix of backup vocals which interchange effectively during the length on the chorus.

Next is Seeing Is Believing, the beginning on the song reminds me of a melody they play on Much Music during Much On Demand, don’t ask me why it just does. It is a slightly slower song which yet again another chorus done really well (interchanging backup vocals once again). Around 2:10 in there is a nice little guitar beat  for around 5 seconds, slowing the song down, then the others join in with their instruments. The song is good, with a nice powerful feel during the chorus. Cry For Help comes third, this one starts off completely different then the previous two, and continues with a different sound for the whole song. The vocals are much much much more evident here, being sung overtop of the instruments. Don’t get me wrong though, the instruments sill play an important part in the song with a more eminent drum sound too.

Bleeding Heart is very different from the previous three, while still keeping the smooth sound of Acceptance. It starts off with a strong guitar beat and is just overall a stronger/louder strong then the first ones. The vocals are still silky smooth though and it all comes together to be a awesome track on the EP. My favorite song is the next, Hold On, the beginning of of the song reminds my so much of the latestBrandston release, and if you read my review of that, you would know that I love that EP! It starts off with a steady guitar rhythm with vocals that are extremely powerful, the vocals never cease to be immensely powerful for the full song. They find ways to stop everything and get it back up in mere seconds and never losing a beat. It is an amazing way to end the album.

Overall, there is  nothing extremely spectacular about this release. It is five songs of around 3 minutes each of pop-punk/emo music. The only real stand out song is the first and final ones. I do recommend it, but it is not a CD which I will listen to constantly for long. It earns a rating of 78%.