Album Review: Abolitionist – The Instant

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The Instant - Self Released

Portland punks Abolitionist released their fourth full length, The Instant, at the start of the month, the album was recorded in five days at Supernatural Sound Studios in Oregon City by engineer Robert Bartleson, and mastered by the legendary Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room. The Instant compiles twelve punchy tracks, drawing sonically from a variety of punk and hardcore influences. The album also explores the human tendency to follow the herd in the name of lofty ideals, often at the expense of individual freedom, if not human life.

The Instant kicks into gear with the title track and from here on in every track is a politically focused two minute blast, but importantly it doesn’t fall into the trap that some hardcore albums stage dive into of every track blurring into the next. A Little Animal Liberation Never Hurt Anyone brings a more thoughtful melodic moment into the album before the full tilt dark political rhetoric kicks back into gear. The Instant is an album that has an overriding dark yet defiant feel to it, something that matches the current political climate on both sides of the Atlantic, and it’s good to know that the punk scene remains one of the loudest voices that is raised in protest.

Abolitionist blends punk attitude and hardcore politics seamlessly, and unsurprisingly that combination means that their latest twelve track album is on the short side as it’s done and dusted in a mere twenty four minutes. Abolitionist have released a fine album that dwells on the dark side of politics and it’s one that’s well worth checking out, especially for fans of political punk luminaries from Black Flag and DOA through to Propaghandi, and as its available as pay what you want download, as well as on physical formats, you really do have nothing to lose.

The Instant can purchased on physical formats and streamed and downloaded here