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The Perfect Ending - Big Scary Monsters Records

Cassels are back with their latest full length “The Perfect Ending“, the album follows up on their previous releases, their 2018 debut LP “Epithet” and “Foreword“-  a compilation of the duo’s early EPs and singles. “The Perfect Ending” is an album that dwells on the of the dark side of the human race and our inevitable extinction, but the subject matter is not delivered with a bleak and doom filled approach, rather there is skewed humour in their inevitable conclusion that the only way to save the planet is for the human race to disappear, a dark concept but one that Cassels address in their own unique manner.

The Perfect Ending” is an idiosyncratic album that I suspect you will either love or hate, from the claustrophobic and off kilter opener “A Snowflake In Winter” it’s clear that Cassels are not giving an inch, the discordant and angular soundtrack is married with a disarming vocal style that ranges from low key spoken word to screams of rage. I’m not going to try and pigeonhole or come up with comparisons, Cassels are an amalgamation of influences ranging from vintage noise rock, through angular post punk and the simmering angst of indie, the end result of this clash of styles is a unique and uncompromising outsider soundtrack. 

Originating in the isolation and stultifying tedium of an English village, Cassels was originally an outlet for the duo’s listless teenage rage, now older and wiser Cassels are still a pressure valve, but rather than addressing the oppressive boredom of small town England their sights have been firmly set on somewhat larger targets, “The Perfect Ending” addresses millennial liberalism, sexual assault and environmental catastrophe, the latter of which culminates in the obvious conclusion that the human race is a virus with a limited life span, given the state of the world right now with the rise of the far right and the impending death of the rain forest you can’t help but feel that they’ve got a point.

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