Album Review: Devil’s Teeth – Suki Yaki Hot!

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Devil's Teeth

Suki Yaki Hot! - Triple Eye Industries

Milwaukee’s Devil’s Teeth formed in 2016, after sharpening their teeth on the local circuit the band holed up in the sweaty basement of Eric Arsnow, the band’s vocalist and bass player, to self record and produce the album. The band emerged several months later with the ten songs that make up their debut album, Suki Yaki Hot!, that blend the reverb drenched resonance of surf rock, the snotty attitude of the original sixties garage bands, the energy of punk rock and the theatrics of Spaghetti Western soundtracks. Suki Yaki Hot! is now set to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting world on the 24th August 2018 via Triple Eye Industries.

The first cut on Suki Yaki Hot! is Dimaond Rio, a track that hits you with a wall of reverb drenched garage rock that is reminiscent of a hyperactive cross between The Mummies and The Two Tens, The Junction Street Eight Tigers brings a sinister primitive rock ‘n roll grind into the mix and after only two tracks I’m starting to get the feeling that Devil’s Teeth have produced something very special. The band stride confidently through ten tracks that effortlessly encompass rock ‘n roll, garage and the more primitive side of punk with the same focused intent as a gunslinger hellbent on vengeance in a Quentin Tarantino directed western.

Suki Yaki Hot! is the perfect blend of the dark and dirty side of rock ‘n roll that manages to simultaneously have one foot in the past and present, the surf rhythms are blended with the sense of menace and arrogance that was the hallmark of the best bands that took rock ‘n roll into the garage in the early sixties, and later emerged with something that was a very different beast. Suki Yaki Hot! is an album I’d recommend to anyone who has a love for bands ranging from Link Wray and The Cramps to The 99 Degree and The Meteors. Devil’s Teeth have produced an album that is the prefect soundtrack for those that lurk in dive bars who appear to be looking for trouble, but in reality just want another beer and an album like this on the jukebox.

Suki Yaki Hot! can be pre-ordered via Triple Eye Industries here

The Devil’s Teeth Facebook page can be found here